CustomerHarmony® creates harmony in business systems, people, and processes.

An innovative customer management, marketing, sales, and payments solution packed with everything you need. Streamline operations and increase efficiency with time-saving easy to use tools.
  • No contracts or cancellation fees. Unlimited Records. $49/mo access,

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Innovative Tools
Innovative Tools
Business management software for owners, managers, customers, and members to get connected, stay involved, and be engaged. Manage projects, sales & service, schedule events, track attendance, and so much more.
Powerful Mass Communication
Powerful Mass Communication
Send mass SMS text messages, emails, and voice calls to customers, groups, or your entire database. Integrated marketing efforts...streamlined and amplified! Folks can update their info and preferences at anytime.
Simple Secure Store
Simple Secure Store
Everything you need to create, scale, and run an online store securely for your organization. Built-in SEO. Easily manage physical and digital products, customers, orders, taxes, and so much more. Best in Industry Pricing.
CustomerHarmony - The Most Innovative Non Profit Management Software

The Most Innovative Business Management Software & CRM

CustomerHarmony is a highly innovative, scalable, secure, cloud based Business Management Software solution that can be used by any size organization. As you grow, we grow with you.

Use CustomerHarmony CRM to efficiently manage your business, employees, customers, event scheduling, mass communication with mass email, sms texting, and voice broadcasting software, track attendance, and so much more. Online shopping is state of the art with best in the industry pricing and order management tools.

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Engaged Employees and Customers

Member, customer, and group management made easy. Quick contact via text, email, phone call, or all the above. SEO and marketing built right in.

Streamline Operations and Save Time

Dealing with several paper processes, 3rd party systems, or a lackluster NpoMS? We can help end the management nightmare and consolidate your processes into a streamlined solution that can make daily operations less tedious. Accomplish your Goals and become more efficient while you're at it with our easy to use tools!

Increase Sales and Reduce Costs

Save time and costs! You can be up and running within minutes. Custom tailored to remove the headache and totally ready to add the fun.

CustomerHarmony Calendars & Scheduling

Powerful Workflows & Interactions

CustomerHarmony's HarmonyFlo® helps strengthen your strategy (the flow) for your overall goals. 

Save time and amplify your workflows and processes that drive your staff deeper within your organization!
Planning and Scheduling

Employee & Resource Planning, Service Planning, Workshop Planning, Meeting Planning. You name it we have you covered.

Dynamic Involvement Preferences

Easily recruit employees, volunteers, and members and create schedules that pull their dynamic preferences that they manage themselves! Involvement simplified!

Black Out Dates

Folks sick, busy, or on vacation? Schedule around folks that could be away from your next meeting or event automatically.

CustomerHarmony Can Pay for Itself
CustomerHarmony ChMS Mass Communication

Mass Communication

Keep your employees and customers connected and engaged.
Online Chat

Simple 1 to 1 or group chat allowing your members to have a digital conversation with each other.

Mass eMail

Send mass email to groups or your entire database with ease. Send now or schedule later. Replace your existing service with a simple easy to use system and a single bill.

Mass TXT / SMS Messaging

Blast out mass text updates to your individual member groups or your entire database. Great for requests, news, or those quick announcements and updates.

Mass Voice All Call

Send automated phone calls of pre-recorded messages to your members.

All-in-One Business Management Software Packed with Powerful & Innovative Features

The Dashboard

Announcements, News, Tasks, Notifications, & More. The Engagement HQ.

Member Directory

View your organic pictorial member directory, info, & family units at any time!

Member Groups

Dynamic interactive member groups working together or static non-interactive groups too!

Asset Manager

Database and categorize your resources. Update with notes, files, and see a rolling history of changes.

Polls & Surveys

Custom polls, surveys, and quizzes with pre-stored answers and grades, shareable via embed, link, or QR code.

Business SMS Software

Mass Texting / SMS. Send mass SMS messages to members, groups, or your entire database.

Mass Mail

Easily create html based enews. Send tests, send live or schedule for later.

Mass Voice Calling

Create, schedule, and broadcast mass automated phone calls anytime on any device.

Online Payments

Accept payments for anything you'd imagine at a industry leading rate.

Online Store & CRM

Everything you need to create, scale and run an online store. Save with the lowest fees. Simple setup and always secure.

Events Management

Centrally Managed Event Scheduling. Reminders. Public & Private Events.

Event Registrations

Use custom forms that make online registrations flexible and super easy.

Custom Forms

Your Forms. Your Data. Your Way. Public and Private Forms. Notifications.

Task Management

Create & assign tasks at a group level or per member. Manage completions.

Custom Resources Page

Share any type of resource via the full html WYSIWYG editor viewable by everyone within your congregation.

Online Chat

Simple 1 to 1 or group chat allowing your members to interact online.

Guest Tracking

Connected visitors, guests, and donors before they even leave your office! Outreach Amplified.

Check-in / Out

Attendance Tracking. See who's present. See who's involved.


Planning & Schedule Building. Dynamic Involvement Preferences.

Award Hub

Track member, user, or employee completions such as for training, classes, participation events, etc. 

CustomerHarmony's integrated payments platform just makes sense.

  • Get paid quickly and securely! Tools that enable organizations of all sizes to offer secure payments and donations from anywhere, at any time, powered by administrative tools that make management easy. Keep customer data secure. PCI Compliant.

  • No monthly minimums or hidden costs. Competitive industry leading payment processing rates. Accept payment online at just 0.3% + 30¢ / transaction plus Stripe payment processing fees. Stripe's processing fee as of March 2023 is 0.8% for ACH Debit and 2.9% + 30¢ / transaction for major credit and debit cards, excluding AMEX.

  • Recurring payments.

  • Allow your payee to cover the processing fees at payment time for non-shopping cart related payments.

  • Reporting. Receipts.

Explore Online Payments

Payment Requests per Day

99.99% Uptime
  • We've partnered with Stripe, the world-wide leader in online payments

  • Highly secure. PCI server provider level 1 certified which is the most stringent level in the industry.

  • $640B+ in payments processed by businesses on Stripe in 2021.

  • 229,000+ companies use Stripe, including some of the world’s leading brands like Target, Samsung, and The Home Depot.

0.3% + 30¢ / TRX
CustomerHarmony charges just 0.3% + 30¢ / TRX regardless of payment type to use our system! Additional Stripe payment processing rates apply.
of USA adults have purchased from businesses using Stripe

Beyond the next generation of business management software

Build stronger relationships with each other and your community with CustomerHarmony. No fancy plans and no need to connect any add-ons or plugins. Built for your organization!
CustomerHarmony Beyond the next generation of non profit management software

No contracts or cancellation fees. Unlimited Records. Unlimited Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's answers to some of the common questions we receive. If you have a question not answered here please contact us today.
Can I see CustomerHarmony in action before purchasing?
Of course! In fact, we encourage it. Please schedule a time to get a demo and talk with our sales team to ensure you have all the questions answered you may have.
Are we able to import our contact data from other systems?
CustomerHarmony has a user import tool with custom profile field mapping allowing you to import pretty much anything you'd like. We'll be glad to assist you along the way too if you need more help.
We track our employee schedules with Excel and manually build out a schedule weekly of which person is doing which function. Does your tool allow for a printable .pdf to give our folks to make it easier?

Using HarmonyFlo you can easily create schedules based off of dynamic user preferences, including honoring their blackout dates. You can also insert a schedule header and footer, and when pubslishing, create a .pdf to send out. This can also be linked into your main shared calendar so that when someone views say this coming Saturday, they'll see the attached schedule.

What's the cost to use Online Payments?
This is an a la carte item that is charged based on last month's usage. It resets the same as the texting and email counters do above. We track the number of times a successful payment is made anywhere in your account (online donations, tithes, registration forms, etc) and we take that qty and multiply it by $0.30. We then track the total number of payments received for the current billing month and multiply that 0.3%. The result of these two fees are your CustomerHarmony payment processing fees. Stripe processing fees are additonal to this cost.

This gives you access to powerful donations reporting if you have any, batch management to work with in person and online gifts & donor management, tax reciepts and tax statements, and more. Likewise, if you are just accepting online payments for loans or for your store, for physical and digital products, the same rates apply and you'll have a plethora of reports you can run.

Stripe payment processing rates still apply.
Do you have the option to allow the customer to cover the payment processing fees with their payment like some other software that is out there does?
We sure do. When creating your payment form, you'll have a plethora of settings available, one being to allow the customer to cover the payment processing fees.
How do we get billed? We sure do not want any surprise fees...
Your $49 monthly access fee is setup as a monthly or yearly recurring charge with Stripe when you create your account with us. This ensures your account, and most importantly, your users and customers have ongoing access to maintain engagement, shop, and communicate. 

For the additional a la carte charges incurred from the prior month's actual usage (mass mailing, texting, and payment processing), an invoice will be issued at your monthly reset cycle day (when we reset your counters) and are due on receipt. You can monitor your a la carte usage and adjust settings at anytime within your account settings.
Have more questions?
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