CustomerHarmony® Features

All-in-One Business Management Software full of Innovative Features

Integrated Efficiency

Save Time

Numerous user friendly modules that are integrated with each other to save time and increase efficiency. CustomerHarmony NpoMS tools are built for your organization with the end user in mind. For example, create an upcoming community service schedule in HarmonyFlo, that honors member's preferences and black out dates, and easily associate it to your calendar event for this upcoming Saturday.

Packed with a powerful approval and notification system for building out those schedules, you can know well in advance of your upcoming needs. 

Mass Communication

Communicate with your members, donors, & the community!

  • Industry leading mass communication rates backed by powerful easy to use functions.

  • Send mass email to groups or your entire database with ease at only .0025¢/email address. Send now or schedule later. Simple list management allowing members to sign up for lists that you can also manually manage. Add members, member groups, or upload a list via .csv file anytime. Replace your existing service with a simple easy to use system and a single bill.

  • Send mass text updates to your members. 2¢/msg segment (160 characters). Carrier restriction. Most phones merge segments to appear as 1 msg and notification on delivery. Option to include reply to text name and mobile number with every mass send! Truly enable dynamic 2 way text messaging!

  • Send automated phone calls of pre-recorded messages to your folks @ just 3.5¢ / call / min. Another industry leading price here as almost every provider offering this service is above $0.04. No contracts, no minimums.


The Best CRM, Sales, and Business Management Software

Streamline operations and become more efficient. Potentially decrease costs. Enhance communication. CustomerHarmony...innovative and powerful software that's easy to use.

We really are in this together!

We're here to help you get started, and hold your hand along the way. We would love to partner with you for a lifetime and help your organization become more efficient, connected, and engaged with your community.

Why We're Different

Featured Packed Affordable Business Management Software

Use CustomerHarmony to efficiently manage customers, events, communicate with your community, run reports, track attendance, and more. Online payments is state of the art with best in the industry pricing.

No add on modules, plugins, or packages. No fancy sales dancing. There's no contract and no cancellation fees! Oh yeah...unlimited support is included too!