Text Messaging for Business

Keep your members informed with mass sms text messaging!

Business SMS Software

The best solution for mass text messaging for any size business. Blast out mass text updates to your individual customer or member groups or your entire database.

Real 2 Way Messaging

Have folks that would like to respond to you? What about when you send out a mass text to 20,000 folks and they respond? We got this. You can toggle a setting to automatically include a reply to your name and number number at the end of every text allowing folks to truly communicate back to you individually for any text sent in our system!

Yo! Attention Please!

Text notifications grab folks attention more than any other method of communication. From email, to phone calls, to voicemail, text messaging are viewed quicker than any other method. Studies have shown that over 90% of text messages are viewed within 5 minutes after delivery. Grab your members attention with that next update, prayer request, or praise report today!

CustomerHarmony ChMS Mass Communication

Mass Communication

Keep your employees and customers connected and engaged.
Online Chat

Simple 1 to 1 or group chat allowing your members to have a digital conversation with each other.

Mass eMail

Send mass email to groups or your entire database with ease. Send now or schedule later. Replace your existing service with a simple easy to use system and a single bill.

Mass TXT / SMS Messaging

Blast out mass text updates to your individual member groups or your entire database. Great for requests, news, or those quick announcements and updates.

Mass Voice All Call

Send automated phone calls of pre-recorded messages to your members.

All-in-One Business Management Software Packed with Powerful & Innovative Features

The Dashboard

Announcements, News, Tasks, Notifications, & More. The Engagement HQ.

Member Directory

View your organic pictorial member directory, info, & family units at any time!

Member Groups

Dynamic interactive member groups working together or static non-interactive groups too!

Asset Manager

Database and categorize your resources. Update with notes, files, and see a rolling history of changes.

Polls & Surveys

Custom polls, surveys, and quizzes with pre-stored answers and grades, shareable via embed, link, or QR code.

Business SMS Software

Mass Texting / SMS. Send mass SMS messages to members, groups, or your entire database.

Mass Mail

Easily create html based enews. Send tests, send live or schedule for later.

Mass Voice Calling

Create, schedule, and broadcast mass automated phone calls anytime on any device.

Online Payments

Accept payments for anything you'd imagine at a industry leading rate.

Online Store & CRM

Everything you need to create, scale and run an online store. Save with the lowest fees. Simple setup and always secure.

Events Management

Centrally Managed Event Scheduling. Reminders. Public & Private Events.

Event Registrations

Use custom forms that make online registrations flexible and super easy.

Custom Forms

Your Forms. Your Data. Your Way. Public and Private Forms. Notifications.

Task Management

Create & assign tasks at a group level or per member. Manage completions.

Custom Resources Page

Share any type of resource via the full html WYSIWYG editor viewable by everyone within your congregation.

Online Chat

Simple 1 to 1 or group chat allowing your members to interact online.

Guest Tracking

Connected visitors, guests, and donors before they even leave your office! Outreach Amplified.

Check-in / Out

Attendance Tracking. See who's present. See who's involved.


Planning & Schedule Building. Dynamic Involvement Preferences.

Award Hub

Track member, user, or employee completions such as for training, classes, participation events, etc.